Social justice movement initiated by survivors of psychiatry and various forms of discrimination, such as people with mental illness and / or disabilities and socially vulnerable persons, or persons belonging to a ethnic, sexual, gender identity minority group.

We learn from small unnecessary and toxic things, we perpetuate abusive behaviors, we hate and stereotype.
Some of us educate ourselves, we find new communities that give us a sense of belonging, we discover movements that seem to give us meaning, but sometimes we embrace them without a critical eye and without carefully researching our minds and emotions, thus becoming place of justice, zealots. We simply change the object of our contempt and hatred and even end up fighting among ourselves.
The Compassion Revolution is based on personal and group values, things we believe in, such as: kindness, gentleness, dialogue and good understanding.
Is this a revolution? Yes. Because in our world we are taught and taught to stand against, rather than for.
That is why the Compassion Revolution urges us to think free of prejudices, to do it with love, not to hate, but to produce, by rallying to our own values, change.

This can be achieved through struggle and resistance, but avoiding conflicts between us. The whole society, the foundation on which it was founded, with its rules and norms, is against us so often that to love and respect each other is truly A REVOLUTION.
Therefore, we are not anti-anything, but we are pro: LGBTQIA + people, mad people (crazy – let’s claim this word!), Neurodivergent and disabled, relational diversity, intersectional feminism, elimination of racism, bullying of any kind, sexism , speciesism, classism and capitalism and all oppressive systems, as well as hierarchies.

We are a horizontal group, which shares the same beliefs, aspirations for a better world and, above all, the desire to create a community of empathetic and supportive people!

Come join us, from 21 august 2021 to 29 august 2021!