Reproductive health greatly affects women’s lives, and our goal, through this type of service, is to meet the needs of women looking for medical advice.

Whether you are in a new moment in life, such as motherhood or childbirth, or you want to know more about contraception or postpartum depression (that state of „melancholy” and sadness that sometimes occurs after birth), whether you have questions about sexually transmitted diseases and you do not know how you could better protect yourself or you often need specialized support in family planning, we are waiting for you at the INTERSECT Center to schedule a meeting with our specialist.

We will also organize at the center group meetings on reproductive health, monthly, on topics that concern you most, in which you can share your fears and worries with other women who go through similar situations. The support group helps you find emotional balance with other women who are going through the same type of experiences and helps you feel accepted and comfortable in the company of people who understand you. You can learn new things about what is bothering you, learn from the experience of others, and share questions that you have not yet answered.

Bonus! Registering for any of these activities allows you to shop at the KOMBINAT social store, a space where all available products (clothes, hygiene products, groceries, etc.) cost… 0 LEI!