We know you want to be well!

But sometimes life puts you to the test. Sometimes you argue very badly with someone you love or you find out that they are cheating. Sometimes you are discriminated against by others because you are different. Maybe alcohol or drugs have taken over your life and it’s hard for you to fight. Sometimes you find out that a relative or friend is seriously ill or you have recently lost someone and you can’t cope with the pain. Maybe your children are in a bad environment and you don’t know what to do to help them. Or maybe the role of future mother puts you to the test.

All these things are facts of life, to which we are all exposed, and it is never too late or shameful to ask for and offer you the possibility of help.

At the INTERSECT Community Center, a team of specialists is with you and helps you regain your peace and health or cope better with life’s challenges. You can consult with them privately or participate in support groups with other people who are going through the same ordeal as you, because shared pain becomes easier, and the support of others can give you the courage and motivation to overcome this moment of your life.

We are waiting for you with an open heart since June at INTERSECT. Call us on 0741 445 302 and make an appointment or come directly to the center to talk, from Monday to Friday, between 10.00-16.00 *.

*any meeting with specialists or participation in support groups is done only by appointment. If you do not call ahead and want to come directly to the Center, we will talk first and we will schedule you according to the specialist’s schedule, as soon as there is an availability.

All the center’s professionals respect the code of ethics and the legislation in force regarding confidentiality.

Mental health interventions at the INTERSECT Community Center:

-individual psychological counseling, based on prior appointment. The duration of each intervention (as number of sessions) will be established by the Psychological Counseling Expert, following the individual evaluation.

-LBBTI support groups, targeting forms of resistance to discrimination and abuse, which will take place every twice a month, the basis of prior registrations up to 10 people per group, while maintaining confidentiality.

-other support groups, to the extent of requests (substance dependence, emotional dependence, domestic violence, etc.)

Bonus! Registering for any of these activities allows you to shop at the KOMBINAT social store, a space where all available products (clothes, hygiene products, groceries, etc.) cost… 0 LEI!