The problem addressed by our project is the perpetuation of social exclusion in the multiple discriminated communities (economically, ethnically, based on age, gender, sexual orientation and disability) from disadvantaged urban areas in Bucharest.

The project brings added value from an intersectional perspective by establishing an intersectional community center, to address the phenomenon of social exclusion, its multiple forms, as well as the processes of reproduction of social inequalities that maintain the identified problem. The aim is to increase the inclusion and empowerment of vulnerable groups (young people, Roma, LGBTI, women, unemployed, people with disabilities or at risk of poverty) who face multiple discrimination in enclaves with disadvantaged communities in Bucharest.

The beneficiaries of the project are 1470 people at risk of poverty and social exclusion, of which Roma people, young people, women and young women, LGBTI people and people with disabilities, which will be involved in activities such as of non-formal education, personal development and psycho-hygiene workshops, permanent career support, biannual job fair, interventions for mental and reproductive health, legal counseling in social justice, including housing, awareness campaign and training in community organization and construction, organizing community consultations and coagulation events, community leadership training in the field of human rights and anti-discrimination, awareness and anti-discrimination campaign, from an intersectional perspective.

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