If you are between 10 and 35 years old and you want to discover yourself better, to have harmonious relationships with others and to prepare as well as possible for life, if you have questions about your body or your mind, if you are a teenager and do not understand why adults don’t take you seriously (or take you too seriously) and people your age treat you badly, if you’re a young adult and want to know how to behave at work, with family and friends, to you feel as good as possible and to be appreciated, we invite you to take part in our free workshops on personal development and psychohygiene.

The workshop includes educational activities for the prevention of alcohol and drug addictions, prophylaxis of infectious / sexually transmitted diseases, education about the body, healthy relationships, personal and emotional development, psychological and psychohygienic education (stress, emotions, aggression and bullying).

Come to the INTERSECT Community Center and register as soon as possible!

Bonus! Participating without absences in activities allows you to shop at the KOMBINAT social store, where all products cost… 0 LEI! Maybe you can find a t-shirt, a dress or anything else to your taste!

Details about the frequency of the workshops: Each group will go through a number of 24 modules of 3 hours. Workshop participants will enjoy snacks and drinks during the break.