Are you between 10 and 35 years old?

Do you sing, dance, recite from classics or hip-hop, play the drums or do you dream of being an actor?

Do you draw, paint, model, invent, dream?

Do you consider yourself talented and creative?

Come to the INTERSECT Community Center, register for the pre-selection and you can be on the poster of the INTERSECT Festival, the first intersectional community festival in Bucharest!

Bonus! Participating without absences in activities allows you to shop at the KOMBINAT social store, where all products cost… 0 LEI! Maybe you can find a t-shirt, a dress or anything else to your taste!

Details about the frequency of the workshops: Visual arts / Performing arts – Each group will go through a number of 24 modules of 2 hours. Workshop participants will enjoy snacks and drinks during the break.