The INTERSECT Community Center is an integrated program of education, information, counseling and support for people from disadvantaged communities.

From June 2021, we are waiting for you to get to know each other and tell us what your needs are, in Arcului Street no. 24, near the Armenian Church, see here more details about means of transport and location of the center.

Call us at 0741 445 302 and make an appointment or come directly to the center to talk, from Monday to Friday, between 10.00-16.00. But don’t forget that any meeting with specialists or participation in activities is done only by appointment / registration. If you do not call ahead and want to come directly to the Center, we will talk first and we will schedule you according to the specialist’s schedule, as soon as there is any availability.

All the center’s professionals respect the code of ethics and the legislation in force regarding confidentiality.

Registration for activities is done in the order of requests, on a first come, first served basis.

All activities are FREE!

All participants in the project activities have access to the KOMBINAT Store, your social store, a free-shop and mutual help space, where all available products (clothes, hygiene products, groceries, etc.) cost 0 lei. Access to this store is conditioned by the presence in the activities you sign up for and by the observance of its regulations, available at the INTERSECT headquarters.

Discover below our activities and choose the ones that suit you!

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